Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I set or reset my "Set-Your-Own" combination lock model 179LH?
Here are the instructions on how to change the combination to your model #179 lock:

To Open: Turn each digit to "0" and depress shackle.

To Lock: Depress Shackle. Scramble digits.

Important: When changing to new combination, dial setting must remain on old combination!

Before leaving the factory, your combination padlock has been set to open at 0-0-0-0.

To Reset a New Combination:
  • Open Lock and expose shackle hole.
  • Leaving digit wheels on old combination, insert attached combination changing tool and press it as far as it will go. turn the combination tool 180 degrees until it is aiming at the shackle. Warning: If the combination changing tool is not fully depressed, a lost combination will result!
  • Set digits to your own personal combination and make sure the numbers are perfectly in line with the indicator.
  • Return combination changing tool 180 degrees and remove.
  • Depress shackle. If shackle cannot return to locking position, the change of combination is not successful. Adjust the dials so that they are lined up exactly with the indicator.
  • Spin the dials.
Note: Please make sure you record your NEW combination in a safe place since you are the only one that knows it!

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