Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I set or reset the combination on my "Set-Your-Own" combination bike or cable lock?
Please look for specific directions under the model number of your lock.

Model #8114:

  • Open the lock & withdraw the cable.
  • Turn the collar (circular, ribbed & in front of the combination wheels) - clockwise until it stops (about halfway around).
  • Set the combo wheels to your desired combination.
  • Turn the collar counterclockwise until it stops at its original position.
  • Record your new combination in a safe place.

Model #8119 and 8122:
  • The lock is preset to open at 0-0-0-0.
  • Set the combination dials to 0-0-0-0 and withdraw the cable.
  • Turn the knob 90 degrees in clockwise direction to the designated position.
  • Reset the combination dials to the desired combination, making sure the numbers are lined up with the marks on the case.
  • Once you have selected your combination, turn the knob back to the original position in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Store your combination at

Model #8280 (Pro-Sport):
  • Press the button and remove u-bar from lock body.
  • Open the anti-dust cover and align the opening combination to the guide points.
  • Push the red button towards notch in body. Hold down (there should be a clicking sound).
  • Turn the dials to your desired combination.
  • Pull back reset button to its original position. The lock should now be reset to your new combination.
  • Record your new combination in a safe place.
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