A Unique Electronic Lock Solution

PulseCode® electronic lock solutions are engineered with distinctive E-Lock™ technology, which enables the PulseCode® system to operate without direct contact between the lock and key. In fact, there's no keyhole or conventional key at all. Instead, the technology uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses, transmitted by the PulseCode® key held against a solid surface. The opening code passes straight through to the lock — even through solid metal, wood or glass. If the lock hears the correct code, it opens.

The modular design of the PulseCode® lock system means it works in almost any situation. PulseCode® allows you to seamlessly integrate all your security needs into a single system. Interior and exterior passage doors, containers, roll-up and swing doors on a variety of trucks and trailers, drawers and cabinets — all can be secured with just one key.

Maximum Security and Built — in Toughness

You can mount a PulseCode® lock on the inside of a door or on whatever else you need to secure — cabinets, cases, enclosures, drawers… you name it. It's hard to attack what you can't even see. With the PulseCode® locking mechanism concealed from the outside, and no keyhole or contact point needed to open the lock, it's virtually impossible to detect — let alone bypass, pick or vandalize. And it only can be opened by an authorized user. Now that's maximum security.

Plus, all PulseCode® locks feature heavy-duty construction, corrosion-resistant materials and robust mechanical locking strength for a toughness that's hard to challenge.

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