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Q: How do I set or reset my “Set-Your-Own” combination lock model M175XDLF?

Category: "Set-Your-Own" Combination Locks Instructions


View instructions on how to change/reset the combination for M175XDLF Combination Lock.

Note: Once the lock is set, there is no way to open it without the combination. Please make sure you record your NEW combination in a safe place.

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Q: I lost the keys for my padlock. Is it possible to obtain new keys?

Category: Lost Keys & Key Replacement

A: It may be possible to obtain replacement keys for your padlock only if you know the key number. The key number is stamped on the original keys provided with your lock. If you do not know the key number, it is possible to obtain additional keys from a locksmith who can impression your lock. If you do know the key number, go to a locksmith or local hardware store to order keys. Please note that the locksmith will charge you a fee for this service. Not all Locksmiths, Hardware Stores or Home Centers offer this service; please phone ahead.

Q: How do I set or reset the combination on a Set-Your-Own combination padlock model 175, 176, 177 or 178?

Category: "Set-Your-Own" Combination Locks Instructions


To set the combination on a Set-Your-Own combination padlock model 175, 176, 177, or 178, follow these steps:

  1. Open lock with the factory set or previously set combination. The lock must be set to the current combination, or you cannot reset it. Note: the shackle must be in the open position to reset the combination.
  2. Insert reset tool (enclosed in package) in hole on side of lock.
  3. Push reset tool in and turn 90 degrees (in either direction). Reset tool automatically stays in this position.
  4. Set wheels to desired combination.
  5. Turn and remove reset tool. Lock is now set to new combination.
  6. Record your new combination in a safe place.

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" I write this,I have that lock sitting on my desk with part of the shipping container door still attached to it!!! It was so hard to open the lock that they cut the container open around it. I'm upset that I was burglarized, but smiling at the same time as I picture these fools beating on this lock till blue in the face only to have to start over with plan B. I would have paid to watch them in the middle of the California desert (115 degree heat) beating on that lock! Thanks for letting me share my story."
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