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  • Keying & Custom Services

    Take total control of your security products with keying & custom services, tailoring these products to your specific needs, including multiple keying options, key control, laser engraving, custom marking and various body sizes and shackle options. These options are available for you to completely customize your security lock system tailored to your specific needs.

    Keying & Custom Services
  • Build-Your-Lock

    The tool that lets you decide how your lock is designed. Start the process by one of three ways: Match a Key Number, Search by Lock Family or Enter your Lock Number. Once you have chosen a lock, decide what features you need; keying options? Key control? Once complete, you will be provided with details & list price and the option to request a dealer quote or continue shopping. Your choices will be saved.

    Build your Master Lock or American Lock
  • In-Store Merchandising

    Increase your sales & impulse buying behavior with in-store merchandising products. These merchandising products are ready for display with new and top selling Master Lock and American Lock products. From counter displays to wall assortments, these kits include a variety of sellable products in a compact display, and most kits include demo-only products to encourage customer interaction.

    About In-Store Merchandising