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Expert Lockout/Tagout Solutions

For years, Master Lock Safety Solutions has been serving the safety market with expert solutions including padlocks, devices, compliance software and professional services. Our main goal is to provide you with what you need for your facility, so you can be sure all of your employees go home each day.

Lockout/Tagout & OSHA Compliance

  • Lockout/Tagout & OSHA Compliance
  • Master Lock Safety Solutions offers a broad selection of safety lockout padlocks & devices designed to help you stay compliant with OSHA’s 1910.147 The Control of Hazardous Energy standard.

    Our products are designed to meet all of the 5 requirements for safety padlocks and devices outlined in the OSHA Lockout/Tagout standard including

    • Durable
    • Substantial
    • Standardized
    • Identifiable
    • Exclusive for Safety
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Keying: A Critical Component

  • LifeGuard
  • One Employee, One Lock, One Key

    It is important that each employee at a facility has a padlock key that is unique to them. Key charting is critical to prevent duplicate keys from entering the workplace and jeopardizing your lockout/tagout program.

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No Two Padlocks are the Same

  • Customizations
  • Master Lock Safety Solutions™ offers endless customization option for your safety padlocks to ensure your facility has a unique lock for each employee.

    Customization options include laser engraving, color options, padlock labels & more.

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Custom Kits & Stations

    • Custom Kids and Stations
  • Everyone has different needs when it comes to safety lockout equipment. That’s why we offer lockout/tagout kits & stations completely customized by you. Select the optimal lockout/tagout products for your needs and customize both your assortments and kits. We will pack each kit exactly how you want it, tailored to your own needs.

  • Customizations

    1. Choose any combination of safety padlocks and lockout devices.

  • Customizations

    2. Choose a kit or station to store your padlock and device collection.

  • How to Order

    Contact your preferred Master Lock safety distributor with desired quantity and assortment per kit. Include the desired quantity of finished kits. Please note there is a required minimum order of 10 custom lockout kits. For questions, contact Master Lock Safety Specialists at 1-800-977-1380

Custom Signs & Tags

  • Customizations
  • Durable, long lasting Guardian Extreme™ Tags and Signs can be customized to enhance your safety message. Our patent-pending process allows you to add full color graphics, photos, custom text, alternate languages, diagrams, bar codes, company logos, maps and more! If you can design it, we can imbed the graphic into the tag when we mold it.

Professional Lockout Services

  • Professional Lockout Services
  • Proven Expertise in Lockout Compliance

    Master Lock’s team of lockout experts can ensure your facility is fully compliant through our systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing process. Our team has years of experience writing procedures for companies across all industries. Whether you need to improve your existing procedures or develop an entirely new lockout program, we can help.

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Commitment to the Environment

  • Commitment to the Environment
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Master Lock is determined to help sustain a lower carbon footprint by adhering to manufacturing processes that benefit more than just our bottom line.

    We understand the importance of the people who produce and use our safety products, the communities where we live and operate, and the commitment to implementing green initiatives.

    Learn more about UL Environment awarding Master Lock Safety Padlocks with Environmental Claim Validation.

    Our Commitment to the Environment