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  • Keying: A Critical Component

    Stay true to the “One Employee, One Lock, One Key” mantra with multiple keying options along with our no-charge key charting system, LifeGuard®. It is important that each employee has a padlock key that is unique to them. That’s why our safety padlocks have over 40,000 key changes available to meet virtually any system design and can be ordered keyed alike or keyed different, shipping with only one key.

    About Safety Keying
  • No Two Padlocks are the Same

    Take total control of your safety padlocks with endless customization options including colors, shackle variations, custom marking & ID. With endless options, you can have a padlock system where no two padlocks are the same. Customize with color and assign colors to departments or employees. These customization options are available to help comply with OSHA’s 5 requirements for safety padlocks & devices.

    About Safety Padlock Customization
  • Professional Lockout Services

    Let Master Lock’s team of lockout experts ensure your facility is fully compliant through our systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing process. Our experts will assess your facility in order to design a lockout program, including written lockout procedures that fit your facility’s exact needs. Compliance training is offered and a complementary use of Field iD is provided for one year.

    About Lockout Services