Design the Proper Master Key System for Your Needs

Master Lock offers the service of designing either a new or adding to an existing Master Key System for your organization.

In a Master Key System, a Master Key opens all the locks in the system although each lock has its own unique key.

In order to maximize the scope and flexibility of a new system, please evaluate your current and future organizational needs


Step 1: Determine the size of the master key system. Consider the following:

    • Current users; often consulting an organizational chart can help determine existing needs.
    • Future requirements; commonly, a 10 year life of a master key system is recommended:
      • Employee turnover & termination
      • Increased staffing
      • Building expansion
      • Lost keys

Step 2: Determine whether a padlock only or padlock & door lock (Door Key or Interchangeable Core) Master Key System is best for your organization.

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