Parts & Terminology

  1. Escutcheon Plate - Corrosion-resistant escutcheon plate hides mounting hardware and is designed to fit virtually any locker made.
  2. Locking Mechanism - Choose from a variety of springbolt or deadbolt locking mechanisms to match your facility's locker styles and security requirements.
  3. Dial - Smooth-turning dial affords quick access. Five pre-programmed combinations available at the press of a button on all built-in combination locks.
  4. Key Control Option - Optional key control override feature allows quick access by supervisor or administrator. Available with both combination and built-in locker locks.
  5. Shackle - Choose from hardened steel (1502, 1525) or hardened steel alloy (2002, 2010) for maximum resistance to cutting and sawing.
  6. Case - Stainless steel outer case with cold-rolled steel inner case protects locking mechanism from severe physical attack.
Right-hand and Left-hand Opening
When facing the locker, if the hinges are on the right side, it is considered a right-hand opening locker. Conversely, if the hinge is on the left, it is a left-hand opening locker. Many locks are specified for either right-hand or left-hand opening lockers, so be sure to select the correct lock when ordering.


    • Key Controlled - locks which have a key override for supervisory access.

    • Built-in - Locks which are bolted to a locker door.

    • Built-in Key Lock - Locks opened with a key, which are bolted to a locker door.

    • Pin Tumbler Lock (1710/1714) - Locks that have a pinned keyway for higher security.

    • Dead Locking Latch on Bolt (1670) - Bolt which requires that the dial must be turned to lock the lock.

    • Springbolt (1654) - Spring loaded bolt which allows the lock to be locked without turning dial.

    • Bolt Throw - Outward movement of bolt.

    • Knob and Dial Assembly on Built-ins - See supplemental parts sheet.

Supplementary Locker Lock Parts List
Following is a list of supplementary parts that can purchased for repair, maintenance or installation of locker locks.

Ordering Information
Product Number Description

Built-in Combination Locks
(No's. 1630, 1631, 1652, 1654, 1655, 1670 and 1671)

1630-0035 Bag (50) kep nuts (specify model)
1630-0313 Dial, escutcheon plate, cylinder assembly (specify model and serial number range)
1630-0606 Complete back case assembly (specify model and serial number range) (1630 or 1631 only)
1630-2590 Blank dialing instruction tags (specify model) (1630 or 1631 only)
1652-0313 Easy grip-and-pull dial, Escutcheon plate, cylinder assembly (specify model) (1652, 1654 or 1655 only)
1652-0313MD Metal dial, Escutcheon Plate, cylinder assembly (specify model)
1654-0320 Extension set (specify model) (1654, 1655, 1670 or 1671 only)
1654-0606 Complete back case assembly (specify model and serial number range) (1654 or 1655 only)
1654-2590 Blank dialing instruction tags (specify model) (1652, 1654, 1655 only)
1670-0606 Complete back case assembly (specify model and serial number range) (1670 or 1671 only)
1670-1590 Blank dialing instruction tags (specify model)(1670 or 1671 only)

Combination Padlocks
(No's. 1502, 1525, 2002 and 2010)

1500-0590 Blank dialing instruction tags (1502/1525 only)
1525-2500 Individual padlock boxes (1502/1525 only)
294 Bumpers/Black, Red & Blue (1502/1525 only)
2010-1590 Blank dialing instruction tags (2002/2010 only)

Cylinder Locker Locks
(No's. 1710 and 1714)

1630-0035 Bag (50) kep nuts
1710-0390 Bag (50) nuts and bolts
1710-0030 Bag (50) bolts only
1710-43959 ADA Compliant Key Head (key available separately)