Master Lock School & Institutional Locks

Experience, Innovation and Trust

Master Lock® leads the locker lock industry, investing in the development and technology needed to solve emerging security threats. Innovations available only from Master Lock Institutional Locker Locks include patent-pending Wrap Around Latch™ technology for built-in locks, Three Way to Open™ technology for built-in ADA applications, and patent-pending BlockGuard® Anti-Shim technology in our world’s best selling combination padlocks.

Our Institutional Locker Locks are designed specifically for facility-managed lock-locker systems in schools, employee locker rooms, health clubs and other institutions. Available in a range of portable and built-in styles, these locks offer the features and support required by facilities to administer their system, including:

  • Serial number identification
  • Combination control charts
  • Supervisory key override feature on most models
  • Custom dial colors or markings — school logos, business name
  • End user registration for improved system security and integrity

Institutional Locker Locks are sold only to schools and businesses through our nationwide network of authorized dealers. Please refer to our Locker Lock Product Catalog under Quick Links below for a complete list of Institutional Locker Lock products and options, as well as contact information for our national Sales Representatives and specialized Locker Lock Customer Care team.

If you need to supply your own combination lock at school, work or health club, Master Lock offers many styles and designs of personal-use combination locks which are available for purchase from retailers nationwide.