Live Secure Master Lock Safety Squad

Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad

Tips to help you get a lock on safety.

As a parent, safety issues are constantly top-of-mind and it can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest tips and advice to keep your family safe. With that in mind, Master Lock searched far and wide for parents—just like you—who will draw on their years of parenting experience, diverse backgrounds and unique opinions to help you and your family live your life safely. Throughout the year, the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad will regularly blog about vital safety and security issues facing your family today. They'll provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary to keep your family, home and valuables safe and secure at all times.


Little Tech Girl

Bio: Kris Cain is a Chicago-area mother to two sets of twins, gadget addict, photography nut, web designer, and blogger. In her previous life she worked in IT for more than 16 years, including positions as a help desk technician, desktop support tech, and network administrator. She has experience building and troubleshooting computers both personally and professionally.

Kris has turned her tech addiction into a business, LittleTechGirl Media, where she uses her experience in customer service and IT and her knowledge of the Internet to help companies, brands, and bloggers leverage social media to its full advantage. On her blog, she shares her love of gadgets, social media, technology, and anything else that crosses her mind with readers.

Tech Savvy Mama

Bio: Leticia is a family internet safety and security expert, social media consultant, regular columnist on, Savvy Source, and Mom Blog Magazine, dog owner, car enthusiast, and an avid gardener. She resides in the DC Metro area, is the mother of two children and has a background in classroom technology integration.

On Safety: "From bike locks that secured my first two wheeler, combination locks on my lockers in middle and high school, to new products that secure our family's belongings and incorporate technology including secure data storage solutions, Master Lock has always been a trusted brand that has helped secure my belongings and provide an invaluable sense of safety and security."

Mocha Dad

Bio: In 2008, Houston, TX native Fred Goodall started his blog, Mocha Dad to chronicle his life as a father and to counter the negative stereotypes regarding fatherhood. He wanted people to get a first-hand account of a dad who was intimately involved in his children's lives. Now he uses the blog to not only capture his personal experiences as a father, but also to help motivate other men to be more actively engaged and involved with their children, families, and communities. Fred travels the country speaking about fatherhood, marriage, parenting and other issues that are important to families. He also operates a men's lifestyle website, Mocha Man Style. Fred has three kids and been married to his college sweetheart for nearly 20 years.

Susan Heim on Parenting

Bio: Susan M. Heim is an author, editor and blogger, specializing in parenting, multiples, Christian and women's issues. On her blog, Susan shares her personal and professional thoughts and experiences on raising children in today's world. Family-friendly product reviews and giveaways are frequently featured. Susan is the married mother of four sons, including a set of twins.

Single Dad

Bio: Single Dad is a blog aimed at equipping single parents with the insight, advice and tools they need to take care of their children as best they can as well as themselves. While the site started out as a blog, it's growing into a community where dads go to learn which products to buy and obtain other parenting resources.

On Safety: "As a single parent working two jobs and managing a household of four, I have a very busy life. Having a secure and safe home is important to me. Not to mention, two of those children are girls — keeping boys away from my two daughters makes security a number one priority in my household."

Leslie Loves Veggies

Bio: After caring for her aging parents for nearly ten years, Leslie Mayorga, a registered nurse and Sign Language Interpreter for the DEAF, decided to try her hand at blogging. In early 2009, Leslie Loves Veggies was born! From the beginning, it was designed as a family-friendly, drama-free, giveaway & review site that today has a large, loyal and growing following on social media.

On Safety: When it comes to safety, Leslie means business. Master Lock products help keep bikes secure, her jewelry and valuables safe and important documents protected. She never travels without a Master Lock SafeSpace. Her motto is to always, “Be Master Lock Prepared!”

Mommy Kat and Kids

Bio: Kathryn Lavallee is the happily married mother of two very energetic and mischievous boys. Kathryn is a freelance writer for various print publications as well as the editor and author of Mommy Kat and Kids. Her site features the very best products, services and information for busy moms and their families.

On Safety: "I think I'm like most moms in that safety is very important to me, whether I'm protecting important documents concerning my family or our bicycles when we're out of town, I am always locking things up!"

Three Different Directions

Bio: Tammy Litke is a mom of one teenager who she's getting ready to send off to college. Three Different Directions is a lifestyle blog where Tammy shares information about products and services that her family has tried. Whether offline or online, Tammy recognizes that keeping her family, home and data safe is a task she needs help with. The Master Lock line of products allows her to 'lock up' all kinds of ways with confidence.

On Safety: When it comes to safety, Tammy relies on common sense and Master Lock products to keep her family and their items safe from injury, theft, loss and the occasional strong wind gust. She knows that no matter where you live or where you go, life happens while you're busy making other plans.

Stuff Parents Need

Bio: Tiffany is the mother of one daughter. She started Stuff Parents Need to create a hub for new parents to select the best products and resources to make life a little less hectic and a lot more fun for both parents and their children.

On Safety: "My husband and I are urban enthusiasts, and love living in the midst of a city to soak in all the action. While we benefit tremendously from easy access to a variety of activities, we also see things like more frequent break-ins and theft. Most of the time the benefits of city living outweigh the risks, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't protect our home and our possessions to the best of our ability — giving us peace of mind as we go about our lives in the heart of the city."

Nicole's Nickels

Bio: Nicole's Nickels was started by Nicole in February 2009, and since then she has continued her full-time day job as an attorney at a non-profit, using her spare time to blog. Nicole's Nickels has evolved into a site that informs readers about great new products and services for families. Nicole lives in south-central Florida with two dogs and an amazing husband who has a spunky 6-year-old they love spending time with.

Mommy's Memorandum

Bio: Julee Morrison is a 40-something SAHM to six amazing and active children. In 2007, she left her career in sales and middle management to pursue the career she most coveted-Mommy! She and her family are always on the go and love being out and about in our community.

On Safety: "As the mother to many, my eyes can't be everywhere at once. Because we can't always be a step-ahead, security and safety are important. We value the ability to lock up items that are deemed dangerous to our children, or to secure a key that they may need, when we aren't ready to let them have their own. Master Lock is the brand we trust to keep us safe and secure whether at home or at play."

5 Minutes for Mom

Bio: Susan Carraretto is co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. A software developer by trade, Susan left corporate life to pursue business in new media. She has been working online since 2003, creating and running a variety of web properties with her business partner and twin sister, Janice Croze.

Digital Lifestyle Expert

Bio: Mario Armstrong is a Digital Lifestyle Expert™, Media Personality, and an Emmy Award Winning TV Host! Mario has appeared on the following shows: Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, Rachel Ray, Nate Burkus, Katie Couric, and Inside Edition. Mario is an on-air contributor for several networks including NBC's TODAY Show, Fuse, NPR, WYPR, CNN and HLN.

Mario is passionate about helping people better their lives. He translates technology for the masses in a way that's easy to understand. His boundless energy is contagious and entertaining! Marios' video blog has a loyal audience of 1.5 million viewers and through traditional media he reaches millions of people every week through broadcasts, appearances, videos and blogs.

Mario is a sneaker head, a DJ, a Star Wars collector, a french fry connoisseur and he loves sushi! When he's not on TV or hanging with the family, you can catch him at a cafe jotting down yet another idea on the back of a napkin!