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Commitment to the Environment

Commitment to the Environment

UL Environment awards Master Lock Safety Padlocks* with Environmental Claim Validation

  • Reduce – Our Master Lock Safety thermoplastic padlock bodies are molded using a hot runner injection molding process that results in virtually no scrap metal.
  • Reuse – Precision engineering, durable materials and recommended padlock maintenance ensure all Master Lock Safety padlocks are long lasting.
  • Recycle – Master Lock safety padlocks use a high percentage of recycled metal. Steel shackles, brass keys and cylinders, as well as our aluminum lock bodies are all manufactured using recycled material. These padlocks maintain a minimum amount of recycled content, with some at 65%!
  • Want to learn more about UL Environment? Visit the UL Environment website!
S31 Series UL Environment logo 1100 Series UL Environment logo 1100 Series UL Environment logo 50% recycled content 411 Series UL Environment logo 410 Series UL Environment logo 406 Series UL Environment logo

*Does not include Master Lock Safety Padlock Series #3, S32 and S33