Electronic Built-In Locker Lock

Electronic Built-In Locker Lock

Elevate the experience

In response to customer and market needs, Master Lock is elevating the electronic locker lock experience.

Combining an innovative design with premium materials to offer improved functionality, Master Lock introduces the Electronic Built-In Locker Lock.

Backed by the strength, reliability and service of the Master Lock brand, the Electronic Built-In features:

  • Long battery life to minimize maintenance
  • Enhanced design to withstand humid environments
  • Single-user and multi-user lock modes
  • Intuitive operation to customize lock settings

The Electronic Built-In Locker Lock will elevate the user experience by offering:

  • Clear identification of locker vacancy status
  • Ease of use with the simple lock/unlock instructions
  • Ability to set a personal code
  • Visual and audible alerts to signal if locking mechanism is blocked

Ideal for health clubs, gyms, spas, recreation facilities and country clubs. Elevate your electronic locker lock experience now!

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A New Level of Innovation

Intuitive Display Screen Icons

Display Icons

Install new or replace existing locks

  • Suitable for most lockers - metal, wood or phenolic
  • Reversible design works on lockers with left or right hinges
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Strike plate included
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