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Keying & Custom Options

Keying & Custom Options

Master Lock offers a variety of special services to customize your locker locks to best suit your organizations needs including colors, laser engraving, keying options & more.

Colored Dials

  • Choose a Color That Fits Your Organization

    Personalize your Master Lock Combination Locker Locks with color to complement your school or organization – available on the 1500 Series and the 1600 Series Built-In Combination locks (metal dials only). Choose from a variety of colors available including Green, Blue, Purple and more!

  • 1600 Series Built-In Combination Locks

    1600 Series Built-In Combination Locks

    Choose Your Color BLK RED BLU GRN PRP

  • 1500 Series Combination Padlocks

    1500 Series Combination Padlocks

    Choose Your Color BLU GRN ORG PRP RED GRY GLD

Custom Logo & Text

  • 1502 1525 1572 1585 Locks Engraved Dials
  • Add Logos or Text to Your Lock

    1502 1525 1572 1585 Engraved Dials

    You can personalize the Master Lock Combination Locker Locks. Choose laser engraving to add your organization‘s name or logo to the dial knob for enhanced aesthetics.

    Laser engraving etches an image – logo or name, directly onto the dial, revealing the silver material underneath

Bumpers & Back Case Printing

  • Bumpers & Back Case Printing
  • Add bumpers to your portable combination padlocks to reduce locker wear and noise. Available in black.

    Specialized back case printing is available to add your custom text, engraved, in the back of your portable combination padlock.

Keying & Combination Options

  • Special Keying Options for Locker Locks

  • Keyed Alike
  • Keyed Alike

    One key opens all locks in a system

  • Group Alike
  • Group Keyed

    Four to seven people have access to the same full-length locker as well as to their individual box lockers

  • Master Alike
  • Master Keyed

    While each lock has its own key, the master key will open all locks within the system

  • Special Combination Options for Locker Locks

  • Combination Alike
  • Combination Alike

    Two or more locks available with identical combinations for added user convenience

Shackle Variations

  • Shackle Variations
  • Master Lock Portable Combination padlocks are available with multiple different shackle size options to be sure to fit your application.

    Shackle Variations Shackle Heights Shackle Material
    1502 3/4in 1-1/2in 2in Hardened Steel
    1525 3/4in 1-1/2in 2in Hardened Steel
    1572 3/4in 1-1/2in 2in Hardened Steel
    1585 3/4in 1-1/2in 2in Hardened Steel
    2010 1/2in 2in Boron Alloy