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Multi-User Built-In Mechanical Lock

Multi-User Built-In Mechanical Lock

3631 Model 3631 For standard, lift-handle lockers with hinges on the left
3630 Model 3630 For standard, lift-handle lockers with hinges on the right
3670 Model 3670 For single point latch lockers with hinges on the right or left

Providing Customer Convenience

The Multi-User set-your-own combination lock allows clients to secure their belongings with their own personal combination. In three simple steps, clients can lock and unlock their locker at any time, any number of times. When the client's visit is over, the lock is left in the unlocked position ready for the next user.

What Can the Multi-User Lock Do For Your Facility?

  • Provide an easy-to-use lock to secure client's belongings
  • Eliminate hassles of distributing, tracking, managing keys and locks
  • Allow easy access to any locker at any time if needed with a simple supervisory override key

Ideal for Universities, Health Clubs, Country Clubs, Spas and Gyms

  • University
  • Country Club
  • Gym

How It Works

Mult-user close up
  1. Rotate the 3 dials to a personalized combination
  2. Turn the knob to the Lock position to set the combination
  3. Scramble the combination to lock

To unlock, simply rotate dials back to personalized combination, turn the knob to UNLOCK and open the door!