Edge Key Control - Success Stories

Master Lock Edge Key Control

Success with a Manufacturer

A major aircraft manufacturer, in early 2004, lacked a standardized lockout system with every department responsible for obtaining and implementing their own lockout system. At this time, they were presented with the Master Lock ProSeries® 6830LF with the Edge keyway with the idea of implementing a company-wide lockout system in the plant.

Later that year, they discussed the different options available to the company with a Master Lock representative and decided to move forward with implementing the Edge Key Control system. What drove them to make this decision was the fact that they could purchase padlocks with a virtual keyway that was unique to their company, not only in the state in which the plant was located, but also in the surrounding states.

The company purchased approximately 1,500 Master Lock ProSeries® 6830LF padlocks with their own unique virtual Edge keyway through their industrial distributor. Later on, they also purchased a separate Edge key way system with a different Master Lock product for another plant, in another region of the country due to the success that they had with their first system.

Success with a Utility

A large utility company had become concerned with the lack of key control with the padlocks they were using for their transformers and substation gates as they had found locks & keys in the hands of non-employees. In 2009, a presentation was made to the company that included a variety of padlocks - all available with the Edge keyway. After being presented with all of the options, they decided to purchase and test the American A40 with a brass shackle and the Master Lock 6830 with a brass shackle.

The company tested these locks for over a year, they decided to begin the transition from their current brass padlock (from another manufacturer) to the American and Master Lock models. They began to purchase in 2011 and to date, they have purchased over 20,000 of the A40B with the Edge keyway and 2,500 of the Master Lock ProSeries® 6830B with the Edge keyway.

The Edge Key Control system proved to give control to the company and keep their locks and keys out of the hands of the public.

Success with a Freight Company

In 2009, a large freight company was presented with two different lock and key control systems for their truck fleet; one presentation from Master Lock Company LLC and another from a competing lock company. After debating the pros and cons, this company decided to purchase over 12,000 6127 Pro Series® padlocks loaded with Edge® cylinders. The driving factor was the overall lower cost of the Master Lock system.

In 2010, the company swapped out 30,000 additional cylinders for Master Lock Edge® cylinders and is still using our Edge® cylinders today. Master Lock was able to create a large, affordable custom key system for their fleet drivers and with almost 180,000 possible key cuts, we will be able to supply the company with high level key control for years to come.

The padlocks that they chose for their fleet, 6127 Pro Series® are a great product for the application. The trucking environment is extremely harsh and these padlocks stand up to the elements including dirt, debris, road salt and more. By combining the 6127 lock with Edge, Master Lock was able to create a unique solution for their unique durability and key control needs.