1652 Built-In Locker Lock

The Re-Invented 1652 Combination Lock

The Re-Invented 1652 Combination Lock

The 1652 built-in combination lock you used to know – now brand new. Starting with a new, stylish octagonal dial with easy grip and larger dial numbers to a brand new combination change process, this lock will ease your work load while making your hallways look sharp. Patent Pending.

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No More Buttons!

We removed the push-button to alleviate hassles of accidental combination changes due to overstuffed lockers and with that came a whole new combination change process. Now, everything is completed with your supervisory key from the outside.

No more opening the locker door!

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How It Works

Long days of combination changing are over. Now the process is quick & easy.

  1. Insert your control key and turn it to the left 1?4 turn
  2. Rotate the dial 2 tick marks to the right
  3. Turn the key to the right 1?4 turn back to original position
  4. Rotate the dial to the right until you hear a click – combination has been reset! You can remove your key.

Watch the video to see just how easy & fast it is! Then, download the instruction sheet for more information.

Combination Change Video

1652 Combination Change Video Combination Change Instructions
1652 Color Combination Dials

Other Models Available

The new, button-less, combination change process will be available on the 1652 series – 1652, 1653, 1651MKADA & 1656MKADA models – and in all colors. Contact your distributor for pricing and ordering details.

Plastic, black dials will feature the new octagonal dial and metal, color dials will feature the non-slip grip dials.

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Video Campaign

We were so excited to launch the new, re-engineered 1652 that we created a video campaign to introduce it!

Have you seen the videos yet? We have them here just for you to see. Click play, and enjoy.

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