Travel Tips

4685DBLR TSA-Accepted Combination Lock

Simple Safeguards To Protect Yourself When Traveling

Whether you’re traveling within the United States or abroad, follow these simple steps to protect you and your belongings.

  1. When checking your baggage, use a Master Lock TSA-accepted locking device – the one device the airport screeners won’t cut! These locks allow the TSA screeners to inspect and relock your baggage without damaging your lock.
  2. Secure your carry-on bags with a Master Lock TSA-accepted locking closure as an additional safeguard.
  3. Place your contact information inside and outside your baggage. This provides the fastest way to return your baggage to you if it is lost or mishandled.
  4. Use a TSA-accepted lock on all bags throughout your trip – even in your hotel room and at the bell desk – as an additional theft deterrent. Available locks include set your own combination, keyed, or straps to suit your needs.
  5. Carry an ATM card, credit cards or traveler’s checks instead of cash. Keep your traveler’s checks in a money belt under your clothing for extra protection.
  6. As recommend by the U.S. State Dept., register your trip in case of emergency at their free online service:
  7. Sign your passport, include emergency contact information and give copies of it and other important documents to a family member or trusted friend in case of an emergency.

Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Home While You’re Away

Whether you’re away from home for a short or extended period for business or leisure travel, rest assured that your home is safe and secure by using these tips.

  1. Eliminate easy entry points by keeping entry doors, windows and the garage door closed and locked while you’re away. To secure sliding doors, invest in a Master Lock door security bar that will prevent against unauthorized entry. Visit for more information.
  2. Never indicate that you’re away from home on your answering machine message. Turn down your telephone ringer volume. Unanswered telephone calls can alert burglars to an empty home.
  3. Show activity in your home while you’re away. Keep a car in the driveway, and keep interior and exterior lights on a timer. Consider a randomized version to turn your lights on and off at various 15-minute intervals.
  4. Hold your mail and newspaper and any other deliveries while you’re out of town. Visit to hold your mail service.
  5. Activate installed NightWatch deadbolts – the only deadbolt that prevents an intruder from entering your home, even if they have your key – on all but one entry door when you leave your home. This will prevent unauthorized keyed entry while you’re away. Visit to view a demonstration.
  6. Don’t hide spare keys outside of your home. Experienced burglars will know where to look for them. Use Master Lock’s line of locking key storage products as a secure, alternative solution. Visit for more information.
  7. Give your lawn one last trim, or ask a neighbor to do it for you while you’re gone. An unkempt lawn can encourage thieves.
  8. Ask for help. Neighbors can make your home look lived in by parking their cars in your driveway and putting trash cans out at your curb on pickup days.