New! Bluetooth® Lock Boxes Smart. Simple. Secure.
For Personal Use

Hardware and Software Packages for Personal Use

Bluetooth® Portable Lock Box

Model No. 5440D

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Bluetooth® Wall Mount Lock Box

Model No. 5441D

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Share Access

Share Access

Share permanent or temporary access with Master Lock Vault® eLocks App, or manual codes

Guest Activity

Guest Activity Auditing

View lock history, including guest addition/deletion, guest unlock/open/relock activity

Tamper Alerts

Tamper Alerts

Multiple unsuccessful keypad entry attempts trigger email and app notifications

Low Battery

Low Battery Alerts

Warning light on keypad as well as email and app notifications

Commercial Property

Ideal access control for:

  • Home
  • Vacation Property

Features & Benefits:

Open and manage lock boxes with smartphone
Master Lock Vault eLocks App
Download on the Apple App Store
Android App on Google Play
  • Use the free Master Lock Vault® eLocks App
  • Schedule access now and in the future
  • Provide permanent or temporary access
  • Easy to use and to access with no need for secondary key card
  • Grant or revoke access to an individual without effecting other authorized users
  • Large storage capacity for keys and key cards
  • Easy to replace, long-life battery (CR123A)
Optional manual code access via keypad when a smartphone is not available
Use the app or the web to track usage
Security and durability
  • Solid body with protective coating prevents scratches
  • Weather resistant to -40° F
  • No monthly data package or shared access fees
  • No activation or monthly usage fees
  • No long-term contracts
Shackle Removal

5440D Bluetooth® portable lock box

Removeable shackle for easy installation or removal

Wallmount Open

5441D Bluetooth® wall mount
lock box

Built for permanent installation on a wall or flat surface