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  • Product Number: 6400SHENT
  • Description: Electronic, Commercial Boxed Packaging
  • Master Carton Qty: 4
  • Body Width: 2-7/16 in (62 mm)
  • Shackle Length: 3/4 in (20 mm)
  • Shackle Width: 7/8 in (22 mm)
  • Shackle Diameter: 11/32 in (9 mm)
  • Color: Black
The Master Lock No. 6400SHENT Bluetooth® Shrouded Shackle Padlock features a 2-7/16in (62mm) wide metal body for durability and security. The 11/32in (9mm) diameter shrouded shackle offers 3/4in (20mm) vertical clearance and is made of boron alloy with an anti-cut shackle shroud, offering maximum resistance to cutting and sawing. Weather cover provides enhanced weather resistance against snow, rain and temperature extremes. The Master Lock Vault Enterprise system is designed to support Many Locks and Many Users with unmatched security, simplicity and accountability. Administrators control individual or system-wide lock access with our convenient web interface, while users enjoy simple, secure access to assigned locks or lock boxes.

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