Electrical Lockout Grip Tight™ Plus Circuit Breaker Lockout Device – Molded Case Circuit Breakers (480/600 V) Service & Support Information
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Best Used For: Severe Use

For business and severe use
  • Product Number: S3822
  • Description: Others
  • Shelf Pack Qty: 6
  • Master Carton Qty: 36
  • Color: Red
The Master Lock S3822 Grip Tight™ Plus Circuit Breaker Lockout Device fits Molded Case Circuit Breakers (480/600 V). Its lightweight, one-piece design easily and consistently installs without use of tools. The stainless steel thumbscrew and curved blade provide a tight grip on the circuit breaker handle so device remains secure. The fixed cleat provides added physical blocking to prevent switch movement into "on" position. Compatible with a wide variety of circuit breaker handle shapes and sizes.

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