6835/S6835 Aluminum Safety Padlock Retirement

Simplifying the Safety Padlock Line

The Master Lock Company values continuous improvement and regularly assesses our business to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies. Due to a high degree of similarity between the Master Lock 6835/S6835 Powder Coated Aluminum Safety Padlocks and the American Lock A1100/S1100 Anodized Aluminum Safety Padlocks, we have the chance to simplify the product line while continuing to maximize user application coverage.

As a result, we will be discontinuing the Master Lock 6835/S6835 Powder Coated Aluminum Safety Padlocks, effective July 1, 2019. Beyond that date, the American Lock A1100/S1100 Series will be the sole aluminum safety padlocks offered by The Master Lock Company.

Our sales teams are fully prepared to assist facilities in the process of adopting the new replacement padlocks, and customer support teams are ready to answer questions to ensure a smooth ordering process. There are also resources available for download below to get started.

6835/S6835 Padlocks


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