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Master Lock® Vault Enterprise Recent Updates

Product Updates

We are committed to continually improving the experience, security, and convenience of our platform. As part of this commitment, we regularly release new updates which you will receive automatically. Below, you can find information about our most recent updates. Please contact us with any questions or feedback.

Version 1.1.4

Schedules Create a daily access schedule for all Users and Group Administrators

  • Admins can set a Bluetooth access schedule for all Users and a schedule for all Group Admins
  • Select days of the week to grant Bluetooth access
  • Select access start and end time for Bluetooth access

Event Notifications: Receive email notifications for low battery and unlocks

  • Select up to three users to receive email notifications for each lock
  • Receive emails for low battery, unlocks, or both.

Individual Entry Rights from the Apps: Grant temporary Bluetooth access from your phone

  • Grant temporary and limited Bluetooth access from your phone
  • Grant access while on the go, no need to get to a computer
  • Perfect for granting access to contractors, visitors, or real estate showings

Version 1.1.1

Group Administrators: Designate administrators at the Group level only

  • Group Administrators have all the abilities of Administrators, but within the confines of the assigned Group(s) only
  • Group Administrators do not have access to any users and locks outside of the assigned Group(s)
  • Assign Group Administrators via the Master Lock Vault Enterprise Web Portal
  • To assign Group Administrators:
    • Navigate to the Group management page
    • Select the desired group
    • Select the Users Tab
    • Check box to select desired users and click "Add as Group Admin" button on the right to complete assignment

Configurable User Permissions: Customize what your users can do in Master Lock Vault Enterprise

  • Grant or revoke specific optional capabilities for all users in your organization, including:
    • Ability to view Primary/Secondary access codes
    • Ability to remove shackle from portable lock boxes
    • Ability to view current and/or future temporary access codes
  • To update user permissions via the Master Lock Vault Enterprise Web Portal
    • Select the settings "cog" icon on right side of menu
    • Check/uncheck desired permissions and click Save

Expanded Groups: Add, manage, and delete up to 10 groups