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Advanced Security & Access-Management System

Bluetooth® Outdoor Padlock

Model No. 4401LHENT

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Bluetooth® Indoor Padlock

Model No. 4400ENT

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Flexible Asset Management

Whether it’s one lock or thousands, Master Lock Vault Enterprise provides unmatched security, simplicity and accountability. Administrators control individual or system-wide lock access with our convenient web interface, while users enjoy simple, secure access to assigned locks or lock boxes with the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app.


Share permanent or temporary access with our app that turns smartphones into smart keys.


Easily assign users and devices to unique access groups, on demand.


Enjoy system-wide customization, including the ability to overlay groups for efficient access management.


Ideal access control for:

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Commercial Property
  • Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Job Sites

Features & Benefits:

Advanced security and access-management system


  • Efficiently manage access to ensure the right users have the right access
  • Simplify security set-up with bulk user and lock uploads
  • Automatically map lock and lock locations via smartphone
  • Easily monitor access with robust data and audit trails
  • Assured back-up entry method using manual directional codes
  • Leverage the security of 256-bit military-grade encryption
  • Easily replaceable long-life battery
4400ENT 4401LHENT 5440ENT 5441ENT 6440ENT
Lock Dimensions
Full Height 3.15in (80mm) 5.30in (135mm) 7.2in (183mm) 4.98in (127mm) 5.25in (133mm)
Body Height 1.99in (50mm) 2.93in (74mm) 4.98in (127mm) 5.25in (133mm)
Body Width 1.85in (47mm) 2.22in (56mm) 3.32in (83MM) 1.40in (36mm)
Body Depth 1.07in (27mm) 1.06in (28mm) 2.27in (59mm) .80in (20mm)
Wire Length 9in (229mm)
Internal Compartment Dimensions
Height 3.60in (91.4mm)
Width 2.50in (63.5mm)
Depth 1.10in (27.9mm)
Cubic Capacity 7.3cu in (119.6cu cm) 7.9cu in (124.5cu cm)
Shackle Dimensions
Height 7/8in (22mm) 2in (51mm) 1-13/16in (46mm) N/A
Width 13/16in (20mm) 5/16in (23mm) 1-13/32in (36mm) N/A
Diameter 9/32in (7mm) 11/32in (9mm) 13/32in (10mm) N/A
Technical Specifications
Weight .51lbs (.229kg) .78lbs (.353 kg) 2.55lbs (1.2kg) 2.35lbs (1.1kg) .30lbs (.136kg)
Operating Temp. 25° to 150°F (-4° to 65°C) -13° to 150°F (-25° to 65°C) -40° to 125°F (-40° to 52°C) -40° to 125°F (-40° to 52°C) -40° to 125°F (-40° to 52°C)
Battery Type CR2450 CR2 CR123A CR123A
Jump Battery CR2450 9V 9V 9V
Power Input 12-24 VDC, 20mA average
Opening Code Types
Primary 1 1 1 1
Secondary 0 0 5 5
Temporary 1 1 1 1
Software Compatibility
IOS Version: 10 or later. Device: 6 or later. ANDROID Version: 5 or later. Device: Various. Web Management: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge).

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