Locate & Register

Locate Activation Code

To locate the lock's Activation Code on the instruction sheet included in the lock packaging:

  1. On the front of the package, cut through the two plastic ribs behind the lock's shackle and remove the lock from the package.
  2. Remove the folded instruction sheet from behind the shackle.
    Open Icon
  3. Locate the Activation Code at the top left corner of the instruction sheet and enter it as instructed in the app.
    Activation Code Icon

Note: The Activation Code may include the numbers 1 or 0 but will not include the letters I or O.

Register a Lock

To register a new lock:

  1. Remove the lock and instructions from the package.
  2. On your mobile device, download the free Master Lock Vault eLocks app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Follow prompts to log into, or create, a Master Lock Vault account.
  4. In the Master Lock Vault eLocks app, touch add a lock (+).
  5. Enter the Activation Code from the top left corner of the instructions and touch continue.
  6. Touch any button on the lock keypad to wake up the lock & prompt it to communicate with your mobile device.
  7. After the lock and your device have synchronized, your lock will appear in your Locks list.

Note: Your lock is set to operate in Touch Unlock Mode. If the range at which the device and lock communicate is too far or not far enough, you can recalibrate this range in the app settings. You can also change the Unlock Mode to Swipe Unlock. See Calibrate Device-to-Lock Communication Range or Unlock Modes.