Lock Troubleshooting

My lock box door will not shut. What should I do?

This can occur if the door is left resting with the prongs in contact with the locking mechanism. The lock mechanism has closed and will not allow the door to shut. Solution: If using a smartphone, wake the lock up, when it lights green, close the door completely and it should re-lock. If using a code, enter the code, when it lights green, close the door completely and is should re-lock.

The shackle will not shut. (i.e. Shackle can be removed by pulling after customer hears motor run)

This can occur if the shackle is not completely inserted properly. The lock mechanism has closed. If using a smartphone, follow the shackle removal protocol, when it lights green insert the shackle completely. If using manual code, follow the code protocol for removing the shackle and when green re-insert the shackle.

Battery Replacement - after battery is removed, press a button to drain battery charge when changing battery.

The lock box stores a small charge that, if maintained when the battery is changed, does not allow the lock to recognized that a new battery is in place. After battery is removed, press a button to drain battery charge. After draining the battery for 10 seconds insert the new battery.


It is difficult to remove the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box from the packaging. Rather than trying to cut the product off of the packaging, open the compartment in back and remove the instructions. Follow the initial set-up directions and either remove the shackle to take the portable unit off of the package, or open the lock box door to remove the wall mount product from the package.

Master Lock Vault vs. Master Lock Vault eLocks App.

There are two versions of the Master Lock Vault App - make sure to choose the eLocks version.

When the keypad is used to remove shackle, the shackle does not release.

Press CLR and then press FIRST digit of code then release CLR and FIRST digit button and enter remainder of code.

The motor is running and trying to open but the door or shackle will not open.

Do not pull or apply pressure on either door or shackle when entering code. The door or shackle is pulled against the other components and the components cannot move properly. Even slight pressure will cause this symptom to occur.

The lock box unlocks with one touch when it "seems" that an authorized user is not near the lock box.

Calibrate the lock box so that the required opening distance between the Bluetooth device and the lock box is reduced. Bluetooth signals can have a long range depending on the device.

My lock box does not open when using Bluetooth mode.

Solution 1: Turn off Bluetooth mode from other nearby multiple Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth signals compete for bandwidth and cause interference to read signal of device trying to open lock box.

Solution 2: Restart App. Devices will shut apps down when the app has not been used after a period of time.

I cannot jump start my lock box.

Check jump battery is properly oriented, is aligned with the charging contacts, and is charged.