Keying Terms

Keyed Different Diagram

Keyed Different (KD)

Each lock is opened by its own unique key that does not open any other lock in the set.

Keyed Different is the standard keying default on Master Lock and American Lock padlocks.

Keyed Alike Diagram

Keyed Alike (KA)

All padlocks in the set are opened by the same key. This option provides "same key" convenience and eliminates the need for multiple keys where numerous padlocks are used. KA in the product number (ie 3KA) designates that the products are Keyed Alike. In some cases the customer can select a key code for the KA locks

Master Keyed

Master Keyed (MK)

In a Master Keyed system, a master key opens all the locks in the system although each lock also has its own unique key. This permits organizing master key systems along departmental or other functional lines to allow supervisory or emergency access.

MK in the product number designates that the products will be Master Keyed.

If the customer is adding on to an existing MK system, please specify the master key code.

Rekeyable Padlocks

Rekeyable Padlocks

The cylinder in rekeyable padlocks can be removed in order to (a) change the pinning or (b) replace the original cylinder with a new one, restoring security quickly and economically. This is ideal for situations where keys are lost or stolen. Products with this option can be identified by "rekeyable" in the item description. Rekeyable padlocks are available Keyed Different, Keyed Alike, or Master Keyed.

  • Quickly restore security – should lost keys or employee turnover compromise your padlock system
  • Save money – replace cylinders instead of locks
  • Master Lock offers (8) rekeyable padlock cylinders
Interchangeable Core Locks

Interchangeable Core Locks

Interchangeable core padlocks and door locks don't require disassembly in order to change the cylinder. The figure-8 interchangeable cores (IC) can be removed and replaced with a single control key.

This convenience addresses common security issues:

  • Preventing access when a key has been lost or stolen
  • Resetting individual doors or gates with different locks to selectively limit access to authorized personnel
  • Re-securing a building after temporary or contract employees end their term
  • Securing a building against terminated employees
Interchangeable Keyways

The Master Lock assortment of cylinders includes 16 distinct keyways to match existing profiles from Best®, Falcon®, and others. Cylinders, ProSeries® padlocks - Solid Steel, Solid Brass, Solid Aluminum, Weather Tough® and High Security Shrouded locks, with cylinders and mortise or rim cylinders for door applications are all available.

Door Key Compatible Padlocks

Door Key Compatible Padlocks

The same key that opens your security doors can now operate your security padlocks!

The Master Lock assortment of Door Key Compatible Padlocks means that the same key can open all your facility's padlocks and door locks as well. Most popular door keyways can be matched to a complete line of Master Lock and American Lock padlocks. The result is greater facility convenience and key control, plus the full strength of Master Lock security.