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Use the LLCP Compatibility Matrix

Make Lock to Locker Selection Seamless

The LLCP Compatibility Matrix is a matrix developed annually by Locker Manufacturers and Master Lock that verifies which locks are compatible with which lockers. This is essential to preventing on-site compatibility problems and delays.

Here is how you can use the LLCP Compatibility Matrix:

Option A

The architect includes the LLCP Architectural Specification in the job's specification package. By doing so, the contractor will then be required to consult the LLCP Compatibility Matrix to verify the appropriate lock for the job. As proof, the contractor will submit the Matrix with their bid package.


Option B

The architect directly consults the LLCP Compatibility Matrix to select the appropriate lock for the job and includes the appropriate lock in the job's specification package.

Download Architectural Specifications

Participating Manufacturer Compatibility Matrix

Locker manufacturers participating in this program have agreed to conduct lock-locker testing and work in collaboration with Master Lock. This does not guarantee specific security or durability standards. Locker purchasers should conduct their own evaluation of lock-locker solutions prior to purchase to ensure the selected lock-locker solution meets their needs.