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Compatibility & Quality Program

The compatibility between lock and locker must be seamless, especially when locks come from Master Lock and lockers from manufacturers. We have your solution- the Lock Locker Compatibility Program™

Master Lock, in partnership with the manufacturer, has developed an ongoing collaborative engineering and testing program, designed to help ensure the locker purchaser receives a high quality, seamless, locker locking solution.

Program Elements

Compatibility Matrix Document

Participating locker manufacturers conduct annual updates to validate lock to locker fit. These test results are used to update and verify the compatibility matrix.

Periodic Production Spot Checks

Participating locker manufacturers perform periodic operation compatibility testing of locks on actual locker orders.

New Product Validation

Master Lock and locker manufacturers work together to ensure that new lock and locker products perform together as intended before installation, providing seamless locker locking.

Annual Design Conference

Master Lock and participating locker manufacturers meet to support, collaborate, and assist in continuous improvements.

Locker manufacturers participating in this program have agreed to conduct lock-locker testing and work in collaboration with Master Lock. This does not guarantee specific security or durability standards. Locker purchasers should conduct their own evaluation of lock-locker solutions prior to purchase to ensure the selected lock-locker solution meets their needs.