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Lockout Facts

15 Daily Fatalities – There are an average of 15 deaths every day resulting from workplace accidents.
In the Top 10 Most Cited Violations – Lockout Tagout violations are consistently one of the most cited OSHA violations, even though companies consider it a top safety concern.
More than 10,000 LOTO Citations – Since 2014, OSHA has issued more than 10,000 Lockout Tagout citations to American companies.

How Master Lock Can Help

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Scalable Partnership

We help you create a new comprehensive lockout program or improve your existing process with focused updates. Together, we create a plan that fits.

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On-Site Training and Evaluation

We don’t just hand you a report. We come into your facility and train employees, implement procedures, and ensure compliance.

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Our Proven Lockout System

Safety Assessment

Evaluate your current program.

Written Program

Create editable files for implementation and updates.

Written Procedures

Implement proper lockout with written, customized procedures.

Tiered Training

Train your organization in Lockout Leadership.

Proper Equipment

Ensure compliance with the right equipment.


Keep equipment available to encourage proper lockout.

Lockout Audits

Improve through regular audits and inspections.

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Lockout Program Assessment

Expert Evaluation & Implementation

Comprehensive Evaluation

Master Lock evaluates your current system and creates a plan to address any gaps in your lockout tagout procedures.

Lockout Tagout Assessment

Master Lock experts conduct an lotoAssessment of your lockout management system to identify areas of noncompliance.

Proper Equipment Supply

We recommend the necessary products and equipment for your improved safety program.

Lockout Audits

Ongoing improvement happens due to regular audits and inspections. Our experts deliver a summary report for ongoing updates.

Critical Implementation

We help you implement your new lockout program to fit all compliance requirements.

Written Programs

We help you create a written program that matches efficiency with workplace safety and OSHA compliance.

Documented Procedures

Our experts develop detailed, visual energy isolation procedures and deliver the documents in hard copy and electronic format through our eLOTO software.

Employee Training

Master Lock offers 5 different training courses for all levels of lockout leadership.

Convenient Access

We help you create a culture of safety by identifying ways to make lockout equipment access convenient and efficient.

100 Years of Keeping People Safe & Secure

Master Lock has more than a century of experience keeping people safe. Drawing on this expertise, our team of PE-licensed electrical engineers and field technicians create the processes that keep your job site safe. Rely on Master Lock, because when it comes to safety, there are no second chances.

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Prioritizing safety can help you avoid incidents or violations. Contact a Master Lock safety expert or schedule a free Assessment to learn how we can help you improve your safety program.

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