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Partner with Master Lock for a combined Lockout Tagout and Electrical Safety solutions to save time and money.

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Our team has decades of dedicated safety experience and training. We bring that expertise to you.

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Our Proven Lockout System

Safety Assessment

Evaluate your current program.

Written Program

Create editable files for implementation and updates.

Written Procedures

Implement proper lockout with written, customized procedures.

Tiered Training

Train your organization in Lockout Leadership.

Proper Equipment

Ensure compliance with the right equipment.


Keep equipment available to encourage proper lockout.

Lockout Audits

Improve through regular audits and inspections.

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100 Years of Keeping People Safe & Secure

Master Lock has more than a century of experience keeping people safe. Drawing on this expertise, our team of PE-licensed electrical engineers and field technicians create the processes that keep your job site safe. Rely on Master Lock, because when it comes to safety, there are no second chances.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Master Lock is trusted to deliver the products and expertise to industry leaders. Read our case studies.


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Optimizing Lockout Procedures for a National Retailer

After presenting and discussing multiple options, Master Lock took on the immense task of writing lockout procedures for hundreds of pieces of equipment across hundreds of stores while also providing supporting materials, software with training, and electrical system mapping for each store.

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