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Selecting the Right Safety Lockout Padlock

Safety Lockout padlocks must meet the five OSHA requirements. We offer padlock material and shackle options to build padlocks that will align with the specifications needed for your program and applications in order to meet the OSHA standard.

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Two padlocks made of different materials

Padlock Material

Choose from Zenex Thermoplastic, Aluminum, or Laminated Steel lock bodies.

A grid of red, yellow, green, blue, black, purple, orange, brown, and white swatches


Colors visually distinguish and standardize lockout padlocks within your facility.

Two locks with different sized shackles


Shackle height and material options available for common lockout applications.

Four sets of padlocks and keys labeled 'KD'


Multiple keying configurations for safety lockout padlocks.


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